I am a scholar of employment relations, inequities in society, and strategies to mitigate them. Experiences growing up in metropolitan Detroit and advocating for labor rights in multiple countries motivate my interest in inequities in the distribution of resources in the modern international economy and strategies for mitigating them. My international and comparative research focuses on labor standards, global commodity chains, agriculture and food systems, and divisions of labor across gender, race, and national states. In the classroom, my teaching aims to empower students with the theoretical and methodological tools to critically analyze social relations.

Fissured Employment and Network Bargaining: Emerging Employment Relations Dynamics in a Contingent World of Work 
By Mark Anner, Matthew Fischer-Daly, Michael Maffie. 2020. ILR Review.
Human Dignity and Power: Worker Struggles against Precarity in U.S. Agribusiness
by Matthew Fischer-Daly. 2021. Labor Studies Journal

Latest Publications

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining in Global Supply Chains
Sarosh Kuruvilla, Matthew Fischer-Daly, Christopher Raymond. 2021. In Private Regulation of Labor Standards in Global Supply Chains. Sarosh Kuruvilla. Ithaca: Cornell University Press