International Political Economy                                             Agriculture and Food Systems

Social Movements                                                                  Global South and Latin America

Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations                           Financialization and Neoliberalism

International and Comparative Employment Relations         Race and Capitalism

Ph.D., Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University                                   December 2021

M.A., Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University                                         August 2019

M.A., International Economic Relations, American University                                    May 2006

B.A., Political Science and Spanish, University of Michigan                                       May 2002




Solidarity Center AFL-CIO, June 2022-September 2022


  • Designed research project, supervised team of student and worker researchers, and wrote report based on findings regarding working conditions in the tourism industry in Mexico.

Cornell University ILR School, May 2022-August 2022
Consultant to the New Conversations Project for its collaboration with the International Labour Organization to assess lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic for the apparel industry

  • Organized and co-facilitated focus group discussions and interviews with trade union, labor NGO, manufacturer, manufacturers association, apparel brand, and government representatives

  • Drafted report on findings for an inclusive and sustainable future of the apparel industry

International Labour Organization, June-September 2021


  • Provided a report on collective bargaining responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States of America

Cornell University, 2016-2021

Instructor, School of Industrial and Labor Relations

Course: "Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations"

  • Fall 2021

Teaching Assistant, School of Industrial and Labor Relations

Course: "Migration: Histories, Controversies, and Perspectives," Spanish section

  • Professor Shannon Gleeson

Course: “Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations”

  • Professor Harry Katz, Fall 2016, Fall 2017, Spring 2018, Fall 2020

  • Professor Ariel Avgar, Spring 2017

  • Professor Rachel Aleks, Spring 2019

Course: Comparative Labor Movements in Latin America, Spanish section

  • Professor Maria Lorena Cook, Fall 2017

Research Assistant, School of Industrial and Labor Relations

  • Professor Sarosh Kuruvilla Summer 2017, Summer 2018

  • Professor Harry Katz Summer 2019, Fall 2019, Summer 2020, Spring 2021

Center for Global Workers’ Rights, School of Labor and Employment Relations, Pennsylvania State University, 2017 - 2021

Research Consultant and Report Writer

  • Conducted research, authored, and co-authored reports on workers' rights in global supply chains in the commercial agriculture industry, including wine and olive oil in Morocco, bananas in Guatemala, and strawberries in Mexico

Cornell Farmworker Program, Cornell University March – December 2018

Research Intern

  • Provided Spanish translation and facilitated immigrant farmworker legal clinics

  • Conducted needs assessment interviews of farmworkers, managers and owners

International Labor Rights Forum, April 2012 – August 2016

Coordinator of the Cotton Campaign to End Forced Labor in the Cotton Sector

  • Lobbied governments, businesses, investors, the World Bank, International Labour Organization and United Nations agencies to use their leverage to end state-sponsored forced labor in the cotton sector, resulting in the government of Uzbekistan implementing a policy to reduce child labor and beginning an ILO program to address forced labor

  • Developed capacity-building programs that supported human rights monitoring and reporting in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, which produced the data used in advocacy

  • Facilitated meetings and strategic planning of the business association, corporate, investor, NGO, and union members of the campaign coalition

Social Accountability International (SAI), September 2006 – March 2012

Senior Manager

  • Designed, fundraised, and implemented programs to increase labor standards implementation in Central America, China and India in collaboration with local partners

  • Designed and facilitated training workshops on labor standards for managers and workers in agriculture and apparel industries, for labor inspectors in Central America, and for auditors of the SA8000 certification

  • Coordinated the international conference Human Rights at Work: The Next Decade

The Development Group for Alternative Policies, September 2005 - August 2006

Research Intern

  • Contributed research, report writing, and administrative support to the Structural Adjustment Participatory Review Initiative (SAPRI) and the Alliance for Responsible Trade, Hemispheric Social Alliance

Kenan Institute of Public Enterprise, June 2005 - August 2005; Washington, DC

Research Intern

  • Conducted research for Trade Imbalance: The Struggle to Weigh Human Rights Concerns in Trade Policymaking, by Susan Aaronson and Jamie Zimmerman

Proyecto Bibliotecas Guatemala (PROBIGUA), January 2004 – June 2004; La Antigua, Guatemala


  • Facilitated relations between PROBIGUA and funder Child Aid

Casa Americana, October 2002 – September 2003; Valencia, Spain


  • Created and implemented lessons to teach the English language to adults and youth


(* signifies equal authorship)


  • Fischer-Daly, Matthew. “Labor Control and Resistance in the Strawberry International Commodity Networks: the Role of Human Dignity in Bargaining Power.” Dissertation, defended August 2021.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  • Fischer-Daly, Matthew. 2022. "Dignity and bargaining power: Insights from struggles in strawberries." Industrial Relations Journal, 53(3): 141-160 

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  • Fischer-Daly, Matthew. 2019 “Impunity of International Labor Rights Violators and Beneficiaries: The Case of Uzbekistan.” World Development Perspectives.


Chapters in Edited Volumes

  • *Kuruvilla, Sarosh, Matthew Fischer-Daly and Christopher Raymond. 2021. “Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining in Global Supply Chains.” In Private Regulation of Labor Standards in Global Supply Chains. Sarosh Kuruvilla. Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press.

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Book Reviews

  • Fischer-Daly, Matthew. 2018. “Informal Workers and Collective Action: A Global Perspective,” by Adrienne E. Eaton, Susan J. Schurman, & Martha A. Chen. Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal.

  • Fischer-Daly, Matthew. 2017. “Achieving Workers’ Rights in the Global Economy,” by Richard P. Applebaum and Nelson Lichtenstein (editors). ILR Review.


Published Reports

  • *Fischer-Daly, Matthew and Mark Anner. 2021. "Fighting for Work With Dignity in the Fields: Agriculture Global Supply Chains in Morocco, Colombia, Guatemala, and Mexico." Solidarity Center and Center for Global Workers' Rights, Pennsylvania State University. 

  • Fischer-Daly, Matthew. 2021. "Strawberry Global Supply Chains in Mexico." Solidarity Center and Center for Global Workers' Rights, Pennsylvania State University.  

  • *Fischer-Daly, Matthew and Glenn Perusek. 2018. "The Power of Workers in Global Agriculture Supply Chains: Collective Bargaining between Confederación Democratique du Travail and Les Domaines Brahim Zniber-Diana Holding Group, Morocco." Solidarity Center and Center for Global Workers’ Rights, Pennsylvania State University.

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  • Fischer-Daly, Matthew. 2011. "Final Technical Progress Report: Project Cultivar – Advancing Labor Rights in Agriculture in the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua." Social Accountability International.



  • 2022: Paper Presentation. “Dignity & Bargaining Power: Insights from Struggles in Strawberries.” Labor and Employment Relations Association 74th Annual Meeting, June.

  • 2021: Paper Presentation. “Labor Control and Resistance in Strawberry International Commodity Networks: The Role of Human Dignity in Bargaining Power.” 19th International Labor and Employment Relations Association World Conference, June.

  • 2020: Paper Presentation. “Commodity Chains as Labor Control Systems: The case of strawberry production in the San Quintin Valley of Mexico.” Labor and Employment Relations Association 72nd Annual Meeting, June

  • 2020: Paper Presentation. “Commodity Chains as Labor Control Systems: The case of strawberry production in the San Quintin Valley of Mexico.” International Labor and Employment Relations Association Regional Congress of the Americas, June

  • 2019: Paper Presentation. “Fissured Employment Relations and Networked Solidarity: Emerging Patterns of Bargaining in an Increasingly Contingent World of Work.” Labor and Employment Relations Association 71st Annual Meeting, June.

  • 2018: Paper Presentation. “Current Collective Bargaining in Agriculture Supply Chains.” Labor and Employment Relations Association 70th Annual Meeting, June.

  • 2017: Invited talk. “Workers’ Rights & Health & Safety in Banana, Sugar & Cotton Agribusiness.” Worker Health and Precarious Work in Global Supply Chains, Spring Symposium, Center for Global Workers’ Rights, School of Labor and Employment Relations, Pennsylvania State University, March.

  • 2016: Guest lecture. “Uzbekistan: Migration, Politics and Human Rights.” Industrial and Labor Relations School, Cornell University.

  • 2015: Guest Lecture. “International Labor Rights Institutions and Ending Forced Labor in the Cotton Industry.” Industrial and Labor Relations School, Cornell University.

  • 2012: Invited webinar. “Implementing Living Wages in Global Supply Chains.” International Society of Sustainability Professionals, January.

  • 2009: Invited talk. “Organizing for Gender Equity at Work and Society.” 11th Women’s Colloquium of the Movement of Working and Unemployed Women María Elena Cuadra, Managua, Nicaragua.

  • Seidman Prize for labor relations research, ILR School, Cornell University                        2021

  • International Travel Research Grant, Einaudi Center, Cornell University                            2020
  • Michele Sicca Research Grant, Einaudi Center European Programs, Cornell University    2020

  • Benjamin Miller Scholarship, ILR School, Cornell University                                            2019   

  • ILR Theme Grant on Inequality and Work, ILR School, Cornell University                       2019

  • ILR Travel Grant, ILR International Programs, Cornell University                                     2019



  • Spanish fluency

  • Statistics proficiency in Stata

  • Advanced certification in labor standards auditing by Social Accountability International


  • Reviewer, Labor Studies Journal

  • Review, Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos

  • Coordinating Committee, Doctoral Student Consortium, Interuniversity Research Centre on Globalization and Work / Centre de recherche interuniversitaire sur la mondialisation et le travail, 2018-2019

  • Member, Labor and Employment Relations Association, since 2017

  • Board Member, BioScience Resource Project, since 2017

  • Member, Cornell Graduate Students United, since 2016

  • Member, Workers Rights Advisory Committee, Fair Trade International, 2013-2016


Available upon request​